The Truth About Alzheimer's
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The onset of Alzheimer’s disease is, unfortunately, very gradual and subtle in its early stages. This makes it hard to catch at the point where it can still be stopped or greatly slowed down.

But simple changes in nutrition and lifestyle, as well as the right supplementation can have a tremendous effect on the treatment of early Alzheimer’s. Yet because symptoms at this stage of the disease are is so mild, most of those afflicted and their families do not recognize them it as anything other than what many mainstream doctors would call “normal” age-related decline. 

And once symptoms become apparent, it is usually too late for any simple intervention to work.

Dr. Al Sears doesn’t believe that minds must always slow down with age. And he has worked for years to help his patients at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine maintain sharp and vibrant intellects well into their 90s. He has fundamentally different perspective on the causes and mechanisms behind the Alzheimer’s epidemic, and has recently developed a unique treatment protocol to help people at almost any stage of the disease. 

This short cognitive assessment quiz is designed to help you identify whether you may be risk. Keep in mind that no result here is any kind of diagnosis of impairment or anything more than a suggestion of where you stand. It is aimed at people in the 50-70 range, and meant to be challenging enough so that nobody can get a perfect score.

If your score indicates that you may be at risk, please do not worry. Simply consider the possibility that you’re not at 100%, and go see your doctor when you can. It may well be nothing and you get a clean bill of health, or it may be the small extra step that helps you take some simple actions to correct any potential problems you may have.

Make sure you are ready and have a few minutes of uninterrupted time, then go ahead and take the quiz.
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